“With SNPS, you have the choice of 'retaining', 'neutral' or 'actively' investing your pension money”

Robbert Bohlmeijer

"If you want to change something you have to be part of it"

Robbert Bohlmeijer (34) has a really great job as leader Turnarounds, where he can bring together his passion for technology and sustainability. Although at Shell he is not looking ahead much further than four years, he is already considering his distant future. "It's the younger generation that will have to bear the pension costs for the longest period of time."

"Turnarounds is a very different world. It's bizarre the amount of people working there at the same time. When I first arrived at the refinery as a trainee in 2017 and saw thousands of people walking out of the canteen like proper army of ants, I was really overwhelmed. Five years later, I'm responsible for managing that all by myself.

Sustainability is very much alive on the shop floor. If you want to change something, you have to be part of it and not just talk about it. I believe Shell plays a leadership role in the energy transition. For example, we are building a factory to produce biofuel. And we are working on an underground storage facility for CO2 to
minimise emissions.  

“Een variabel pensioen (CVP) kan op de lange termijn meer opleveren”

I think I will be working for Shell for a long time to come. It's a fun job, I'm appreciated and the people I work with are great. And I like the fact that you are offered the opportunity to take on a different role every four years.

Have I already started thinking about my retirement? That will not happen for some time. But I am already consciously considering it. Retirement is something that was once taken for granted. Now I wonder whether the system we have now will hold up. I have some worries about that.

Pension remains sort of a boring topic, but Shell does its best to make something out of it. They give you the option of 'retaining', 'neutral' or 'actively' investing your pension money, and you receive monthly updates. I also have shares in Shell, in the hope that this will generate sufficient dividends and allow me to retire early."